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“The wife of Mexico’s president is a former soap opera star who has been criticized for her designer clothing, mansion, and lack of social cause.
Angelica Rivera is the First Lady of Mexico, and the wife of Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto. She’s also an entrepreneur who’s worth millions and who sells everything from her own vodka to perfume. She also owns a football team.
Rivera and her husband have both been married before and have had eight children between them, although none together.”
Heavy, Periódico Newyorkino.

La obra es una crítica política dirigida no al protagonista de siempre, si no a su acompañante durante el poder.



Dirección: Alex Valdés
Música: Julián Guajardo
Fotografía:Jorge Cárdenas & Rafael Góngora
Texto: Angélica Rivera

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